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Check out our insights on where digital health, value-based care and maternal health are headed and how the healthcare system can better support the evolving needs of families.

Clinicians Play a Critical Role in Connecting Patients with Supportive Technologies During and After Pregnancy – Lessons Learned from Providence on Driving Digital Engagement

When legislative changes made it a requirement to screen prenatal and postpartum patients for maternal mental health conditions, Dr. David Lagrew and his team at Providence saw an opportunity to leverage and expand the adoption of a mission critical digital...

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How Digital Front Doors Can Enable Value-Based Care - Must Listen Podcast

The digital front door has been a hot trend in healthcare for the last several years. And many solutions have rushed to stake their claim as THE digital front door for patients. But as an industry, we don’t even have a clear...

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Common Bonds: Many Obstacles and Opportunities for Improving Maternity Care Are Global in Nature

By Leah Sparks Founder & CEO I was recently reading a thoughtful article published in The Guardian, which offered advice for improving maternal health in countries where conflict and extreme poverty are rampant. As various experts offered their insights, it...

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Balancing Risk & Reward: Not All Bundles and Global Payments Qualify as Value-Based Care. Why It’s Important to Move Past Volume Control to True VBC

“Unfortunately, in the U.S., at this point, fee-for-service has become unsustainable.” This quote is from a regarded national expert on payment reform. It was pulled from a debate on the comparative merits of bundled episodes vs. global payments. The debate took...

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Allergy Alert: How Digital Health Is Driving Adoption of New Guidelines to Prevent Food Allergies Among Children

Food allergies among children are rising dramatically. There are many causes for the growing prevalence in the United States, including Vitamin D insufficiency, decreased exposure to germs and allergens, and food allergen avoidance. In total, food allergies now affect as many as...

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Missed Connections: Why Women’s Health Apps Aren’t Flying Off the App Store Shelves

The following viewpoint is being shared by Wildflower’s resident growth and retention specialist, Jessica Szalay. She works with a wide range of hospitals, health systems, health plans and OBGYN practices to create meaningful digital connections with women in pursuit of...

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Wildflower Health, Medical Mutual Announce Partnership on Launch of MedMutual Maternity App

Wildflower Health and Medical Mutual have teamed up to launch the MedMutual Maternity app, featuring trackers and tools for expectant mothers, along with clinically trusted content to support members on a wide range of pregnancy and parenting topics.

September 15, 2021

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Wildflower Featured in American Hospital Association's Podcast Series on Perinatal Health

The AHA’s Seven in Seven series explores how health care organizations are using digital solutions to improve access and delivery of perinatal care. Episode 4 features Providence and the outcomes they've experienced by making digital connections with patients, with help from Wildflower.

August 5, 2021

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Wildflower Strengthens Commitment to Black Maternal Health with New Tools, Resources for Black Mothers

Wildflower is announcing a new suite of support for Black mothers and birthing people, available within the company’s digital platform for navigating healthy pregnancies and growing healthy families as part of the company’s efforts to improve Black maternal health.

April 19, 2021

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Wildflower Health Partners with The ObG Project® to Power Virtual and Value-Based OB Care Delivery

Wildflower Health today announced a partnership with The ObG Project, propelling efforts by both companies to re-imagine maternal health by powering virtual and value-based OB care. Wildflower is working with The ObG Project to strengthen its platform’s capabilities for risk identification and patient stratification, as well as helping its virtual advocates expertly identify and connect high-risk patients with appropriate clinical resources.

February 24, 2021

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