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Delivering Value-Based Care within the Maternity Setting – Insights from an Expert Panel During the 2021 World Health Care Congress

Advancing value-based care will require engaged providers, activated patients, the effective use of technology and a relentless focus on driving meaningful and measurable outcomes. For this to happen, providers must lead the way forward, VBC models must focus on achieving...

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Five Questions from the World Health Care Congress - Wildflower's Views for the Future

As part of Wildflower's participation in the 2021 World Health Care Congress, we were asked five questions about the future of healthcare, and our role in it. We wanted to share our answers on the blog. Below are the highlights...

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Stigma, Inequity and Increasing Prevalence – How We Can Address the Most Pressing Priorities in Maternal Mental Health

Maternal anxiety and depression are the most common complications of childbirth. These complications can impact at least 1 in 5 women, yet they are not universally screened for, nor treated. The good news is that screening and treatment have...

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Maternity Care Deserts, OB Shortages and Yet Optimism Reigns. Here’s Why We Believe in a Brighter Future.

From Chicago’s south side to Buffalo, New York. From the rural southeast to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The crisis remains the same. Maternity care deserts are everywhere, and the trend is worsening by the day. More than 2.2 million women...

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More Than Money: If We Keep the Mission of Value-Based Care Front and Center, the Math Will Work

This perspective was shared by Wildflower's founder and CEO, Leah Sparks.  We all know that the fee-for-service model in healthcare is unsustainable. It’s clear that our current maternal health performance is unacceptable. And the gaps that exist in health equity? Unfathomable....

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Closing the Loop: Accountability + Predictability Are the Two Most Important Words in Value-Based Care, Says Industry Expert Jeffrey Hogan

Jeffrey Hogan is the Northeast Regional Manager for Rogers Benefit Group, a national benefits marketing and consulting firm. He also serves as president of Upside Health Advisors. Hogan is focused on healthcare payment reform, care coordination and precision medicine. He...

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