New Virtual Visit Solution Will Help OB Practices Deliver Effective Virtual Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

New Virtual Visit Solution Will Help OB Practices Deliver Effective Virtual Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Wildflower has launched a new product to help Obstetrics (OB) practices more effectively deliver virtual visits for their prenatal and postpartum patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The product helps childbirth providers fill patient education and workflow gaps associated with virtual prenatal and postpartum visits, including remote device delivery, symptom monitoring, pre-visit data transmission, and personalized digital education. We are making this product available directly to OB practices at no cost.


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The Wildflower virtual visit product will help practices create strong digital connections with their patients, including preparing patients for virtual visits, delivering ongoing digital education/tools and remotely monitoring patients by supplying and managing in-home devices. The application is designed to integrate with a practice’s existing telemedicine technologies. If a practice does not currently offer virtual appointments, the Wildflower application will include a video platform that can facilitate telemedicine visits.


Wildflower will specifically support OB practices by:


  • Educating, training and preparing patients for telemedicine visits
  • Facilitating digital symptom intake and surveying with personalized calls to action for patients
  • Managing the ordering, home delivery and payer reimbursement for remote monitoring devices such as blood pressure cuffs, scales, blood glucose monitors and fetal dopplers
  • Consistently sharing data from devices to inform physician care plans and patient appointments
  • Digitally providing patient education and tools to augment physician instruction
  • Clinically integrating with key provider resources and services
  • Providing turnkey marketing tools and best practices to drive patient adoption of the app

OB practices who are interested in implementing Wildflower’s virtual visit solution can visit to schedule a personalized product demo.